Transforming grief and loss, restoring hope!

Soul Tears is an organisation focused on the transforming power of grief, and how hope and life can spring from the darkest and most painful of times. Through a mix of national services, TV and online media shows, events and resources, Soul Tears looks to help those those affected by loss and grief, and resource organisations to better support people within their communities.

Founded by Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates, the Founders and CEO’s of the global support charity, The Mariposa Trust (often known by the name of its primary support division ‘Saying Goodbye’), Soul Tears understands that loss takes many forms, and that the journey of grief is unique to each individual. As such, each facet of Soul Tears looks to meet people wherever they are at on their journey.

If you have experienced loss, whether that be the loss of a spouse or partner, the loss of a child, sibling, family member or friend, or whether you are grieving the loss of a job, friendship, pet, hopes and dreams, Soul Tears is here to let you know you are not alone, and we are here to walk with you.